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10 Best Psychic Readers - About Us is a resource for anyone who is looking to find a real psychic reading online and avoid the endless list of scammers out there. Our site helps people from around the world find the right service based on their exact situation. In order to do this, we look at all the different psychic service sites out there, read all about what they have to offer, look at what real users have had to say, and research the psychics who work for them, and compile all that information into easy to read reviews for you.

What is Our Goal?

To put it simply, our goal is to help protect our readers. Perhaps more than any other industry in history, psychics are thought of as scammers. The sad reality is that this reputation is largely well-earned. Whether you’re talking about fake psychics swindling people out of money at a carnival years ago, a scam artist street ‘psychic’ in tourist towns, or online scammers, there is no shortage of unethical people pretending to be offer psychic services.

Just because there are lots of scammers, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t also many helpful individuals who practice their psychic abilities and offer customers an exceptional service. We spend hours of time researching different psychic service sites to weed out the bad ones and present you information about the best the net has to offer.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are a comparison site that does things a little different. First of all, we’re completely up front about the fact that we make a commission anytime you sign up for a psychic service through a link on our site. That is how we pay our bills (and how we are able to spend endless hours researching these sites!). What we don’t do, however, is rate psychic sites based on how much they are willing to pay us. In fact, the researchers and writers who create each review are specifically told not to even consider the commission when writing the article. They aren’t aware of which sites pay the most, which pay the least, or even which ones don’t pay a commission at all. Their only job is to write an honest and objective review of each site.

What Information is Evaluated?

When writing a review for a site that offers psychic services there is a lot of information to look through. First of all, if we find that a site is scamming their customers or giving inaccurate readings the majority of the time, we don’t even include them here. The last thing we want to do is give any attention to any of the scam sites out there.

Once we narrow the list of sites down to only those who offer legitimate services, we start really digging into what they have to offer. We’ll compare pricing, number of psychics available, the different specialties offered, their customer service options, and much more. Finally, since each customer is going to have a different set of needs from their psychic, we will compile all this information in an easy to read review format that identifies the pros and cons of each service. You can read through and find exactly what you need.