Company Profile 

Psychic.Bitwine is also known as ‘Online Psychic Network.’ They have been in business sine 2006 and are one of the leaders in the online psychic industry. With more than 3000 providers operating through their site, you will never have any trouble finding someone to connect with. They are affiliated with the popular Purple Ocean and Purple Garden psychic apps as well, so if you prefer using an app on your tablet or smartphone, they are the best options to consider. This review will focus on the Online Psychic Network, which is their traditional web interface.

About the Company Psychics

With more than 3000 psychics registered on this site they don’t have as strict of enrollment policies as many other services. However, psychics are quickly rated by real users so any that can’t provide a good experience to customers will become unpopular right away. Another potentially negative aspect of this is that Psychic Bitwine doesn’t outline what (if any) screening processes they use to ensure only the most skilled psychics are working for them. While it would certainly be nice if they gave more information in this area, the fact is that their psychics are highly rated and almost everyone has a great experience working with them.

Types of Psychics & Services

You will be able to easily find the exact type of psychic that you want when using this service. They have psychics, advisors, coaches, tarot readers, astrologers, clairvoyants, and many others. Many of their providers specialize in specific areas such as relationships, careers, and general guidance. It is also very easy to sort through their huge list of available psychics to get to the ones you want without delay.


The psychics who work with this service can set their own price, which results in a pretty broad range of price points that you can watch for. In most cases you will find that the going rate is around $.50 to $3.00 per minute. However, the psychics are permitted to charge any amount they want so make sure you watch them closely to avoid paying more than you want. One nice thing about this provider is that all their psychics give a free 3-minute reading to clients so they can get a good feel for them, which is very important. Finally, they also have a section where there are special “$10 Deals.” Each psychic can make their own special deal, and in many cases, you can get a wonderful experience for very little money. 

Customer Service

The customer service team is very helpful, though they don’t often give refunds. This is because they offer a free 3-minute reading and if you aren’t confident with the person you’re working with, they recommend you move on to someone else. If you choose to go past the three minutes, you will have to begin paying money, at which point it will be very difficult to get a refund. This helps to provide protections for the psychics while still ensuring customer get an excellent experience.

Privacy & Discretion

The privacy policy with this company is standard for online websites. Their psychics are not given any of your personal information, so you can pick and choose what you want to share with them. The psychics themselves don’t appear to be bound to privacy, though they all know the importance of discretion and have an excellent reputation of keeping your personal information safe and confidential.


There is really no doubt that this is one of the best psychic services on the net today. They have been around for years and are one of the top destinations not only for people seeking advice, but by the psychics themselves. Whether you’re looking to have some fun, or just need an unbiased third party to help provide you with advice on any area of life, this site is an excellent destination to try.