Company Profile

California Psychics has been offering customers top quality services since 1995. The company boasts that they have served millions of customers and have a great reputation for the overall quality of their services. When looking through different reviews and facts about this company, it is clear that they are one of the most loved services in the industry.

About the Company Psychics

California Psychics is very picky about who they bring on to represent their company. Anyone can apply to provide their services, but only about 2% are ever approved. This is because of their very high standards and testing that is performed. Because of these extremely high standards there aren’t nearly as many available compared to many of the other sites. While this may seem problematic at first, it makes it much easier to find someone you can work with since you know they are all very skilled professionals in their craft.

Types of Psychics & Services

You will have access to several different types of psychics based on your specific needs. They break their providers down into several different groups including those who specialize in being mediums, empathy, clairvoyants, tarot card reading, general psychic abilities, and more. These are all pretty common options offered across most websites today.


The prices start at $1 per minute and can go up to $4 per minute depending on the psychic you choose. You will find that the prices are set based on the rating of the psychic you choose. Those who are new will start at $1 per minute, ‘preferred’ psychics are $2 per minute, and their premier psychics are $4 per minute. This is an easy to understand breakdown of pricing, so you won’t be surprised with how much it costs.

Customer Support

If you have any trouble with the system or any of the psychics you can get in touch with the customer care team quite easily. They are available through an easy email system, Skype, or a variety of phone numbers. When you call their support line via phone you can choose to call the number based on where you are from including options for the US, Australia, Denmark, India, New Zealand, the UK, and then a customer care team for all other countries (which is not toll free). In addition to live support options, you can also review their FAQ for answers to dozens of popular questions.

Privacy & Discretion

California Psychics doesn’t have a set privacy policy for how they keep your personal information safe when it comes to what you talk about with your psychic. They do have a comprehensive policy in place for how they gather, store, and use the data about your account information, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with the private information you and your psychic talk about. That being said, there aren’t any reports where the psychics who work with California Psychics have shared this type of information, and that is not likely to happen.


It is easy to see why this is one of the most popular destinations for anyone who wants aa great psychic reading, and why psychics all want to qualify to be on this site (though most never make it). This is an easy to use service that gives you the advice and comfort you need for almost anything happening in your life today.