Company Profile

Keen has been helping people find the psychics that they want to talk with since 1999 and has earned an exceptional reputation. While this company doesn’t do as much vetting of their psychics as other sites do, they have a nice rating feature that makes it easy to find the best services possible. With hundreds of thousands of readings done over the years, it is hard to argue that there is anything troubling about their service. They will provide you with exactly what you are looking for without hidden fees or other problems. This is one of the most trusted psychic reading providers on the net today.

About the Company Psychics

The psychics you can contact through this company are all independent contractors (this is very common with these sites) so there is only a limited amount of vetting conducted. The biggest way that you can be sure that you only work with the best is to look at the user reviews. Keen makes it fast and easy to rate your experience with any given psychic, and once done, that information is used to give an overall rating to the psychic. To find a good person to work with, just look through the ratings and find one with a proven reputation.

Types of Psychics & Services

Keen offers all the most common types of psychics and services including full psychic readings, tarot readings, spiritual readings, and psychic mediums. As a part of this, they will focus on love & relationship types of issues, or any specific life questions that you may be wondering or worried about. They do have some more specialized readings available based on the abilities of specific psychics, but it can be hard to find them, and even harder to schedule those types of readings at a time that is convenient for you.


The pricing with this site is clearly determined by each individual psychic. They do offer a deal of First 3 minutes for FREE for any psychic, but beyond that the prices can range anywhere from about $1.50 per minute all the way up to $30+ per minute. This can make it difficult to afford the psychic you want, and if you accidently go over the 3-minute timeframe, it can get very costly very quickly. If you do take care to choose a psychic in your price range, however, you can still find great deals.

Customer Support

Their customer support team is available during normal business hours (8-5 Pacific time) through their phone number or an online inquiry option. You can also submit refund requests right through their online form that makes it a lot easier than many other sites around today. If you need help after hours, or you just have some questions, the chances are you can get the information you need through their knowledge base, which is quite comprehensive and helpful.

Privacy & Discretion

The privacy and discretion offered by this company is a little unclear. First, they do have a great reputation for keeping all your conversation confidential and not sharing information they learn about you in your reading. When you look at their privacy policy, however, it states that they do share information in certain situations such as username and personal data for a variety of reasons including marketing and commercial activities. It really looks like their privacy policy is standard for any website that gathers personal data, but most people are going to want some additional assurances that the information they share with a psychic won’t be made available to anyone else.


There is really no doubt that this is one of the better ways to find a good psychic. They have been in business since 1999 and helped many people get the information and comfort they need. While their privacy policies could use some clarification, it is clear that they don’t just go sharing personal data for no reason. Give this company a try and see how helpful they can be.