Company Profile

MysticSense is one of the newer psychic websites to offer guidance and support. People around the world can get the support they need with relationships, careers, and their futures, whether in the form of tarot readings, cartomancy, and more. The website uses a strict appraisal process to ensure that the best readings are always delivered, and customers are safe with any advisors on offer.

You can get the support you need over the phone, live chat, or video call, whichever you prefer, and costs are affordable, so everyone gets the care they need. Read on to learn more about MysticSense.

About the Company Psychics

MysticSense ensures that all customer experiences, whether you favor tarot readings or love readings, are done by skilled and gifted advisors. The process of becoming a working psychic on this website is not easy and requires going through a rigorous vetting process. If an advisor gets confirmed, they then must maintain the MysticSense standards or will be removed from the website. Should you be unsure about a psychic on the website, just check their past reviews and see what other people have to say.

Types of Psychics and Services

All common types of psychic readings are available as well as some of the more niche and abilities that can be relied on. That means, if you need a love psychic, a clairvoyant, a medium or an astrologist, all of these can be found and more. Psychics can help with a variety of life’s problems and having the chance to address them all in one place makes getting the support you need a lot easier and more constructive.


Paying for a psychic reading with MysticSense is flexible and made more affordable by the number of professionals that are available on the website. Prices range from less than $1 per minute and can go upwards of a few dollars, depending on the psychic you choose. Typically, the more expensive psychics are the ones that are more established and have a bigger network of customers, but that isn’t to say the cheaper ones aren’t gifted too. All psychics must first be approved by MysticSense before being eligible for the website.

Customer Support

MysticSense has a wide variety of support channels, the most important of which is 24/7 support by a human representative who can solve the problem quickly and personally. In addition, you can contact them by email and also on the contact form on the site.

Privacy & Discretion

MysticSense makes it clear what your data will be used for and is committed to not selling any data on to third parties. All information surrounding data usage can be found on the privacy policy page of the website and is mapped out transparently. The company is open about what data will be required from its customers, such as contact and payment information, and ensures all confidential details are protected, so there is little to no chance of it being exposed.


Though MysticSense is one of the newer outlets available for psychic readings, finding a gifted advisor that can support you is incredibly easy. Whether you are browsing for a tarot reading or you are seeking out the guidance of an experienced clairvoyant, all this can be found on the MysticSense website.

The site’s missing some contact information and could benefit from pricing promotions, however, readings can be done over the phone, chat, or video call, depending on your preference. Plus, they are paid for per-minute, so there is no need to commit to drawn out and expensive sessions.