Company Profile

Path Forward has been providing genuine psychic readings for over 15 years, and in that time has gathered a fairly decent reputation. Formerly known as Hollywood Psychics, it offers a trustworthy service and has provided thousands of satisfied seekers with access to wisdom and guidance. 

About the Company Psychics

There's a wide variety of independent psychics operating with Path Forward, meaning you should be able to find the perfect reader to suit your needs. There’s a reasonably stringent vetting process and a reliable rating system, allowing you to see how highly recommended each psychic comes, and even read personal user reviews. Also, there’s a fair range of prices and specialties to choose from.

Types of Psychics & Services

There are a number of different services you can take with the psychics here, allowing you to choose the perfect reading; whether you’re looking for answers on work, love, money, or personal relationships, it’s likely you can find something to suit you. Readers skills range from, but aren't limited to, tarot readings, astrology, clairvoyance, numerology, cartomancy, angel card readings, and even pet psychics.


Every psychic here has the same pretty low price, which is quite an appealing aspect of the service. They’ll all set you back just $1 per minute. While this is quite a reasonable starting rate, it does mean that you won't get the discount for longer readings that you sometimes receive at other sites. A ten-minute reading will be $10, which is quite decent, but a 30-minute reading will be $30, which is fairly expensive.

Customer Support

There’s a useful customer support service with Path Forward where you can contest charges, report readers who were unsatisfactory, or request refunds on your cash or your reading minutes. There’s no phone number, unfortunately, but there is a live support chat option online, and you can also send complaints or requests via email and wait for a response this way. 

Privacy & Discretion

Path Forward claims that it's committed to protecting your privacy, and uses very sophisticated security software to do this. However, on further investigation, it turns out that this software is just to protect your details from malicious hackers. It’ll collect and store your name, email address, billing address, telephone number, and credit card information when you make a purchase, along with your IP address and browser type. 

It claims that this information is collected to provide you with a ‘superior customer experience’, but actually, it’s also passed on to third-party web analytics services. This means that most of your personal information could be passed on without your knowledge, which is a slight cause for concern.


This site is quite good for pricing, and the fair range of psychics means that you’ll likely find the reading you want and at the time you need it most. It’s best used by those who’d like to experiment with a few different types of readings for fairly short lengths of time. If you find a reader you like and return repeatedly to take longer and longer sessions, you may find that you could save money elsewhere. 

The rating system for the psychics is a great way to gain an idea of their quality, but there's little information on the vetting process. The fact that almost all your information can be passed on to third party analytical organizations isn’t great.