Company Profile

Psychic Encounters is one of the easiest to use services available today. You can access their system via their website or their popular mobile app so you can get the advice you need at any time. The company running this system really makes it a point to put the customers first. They are one of the newer psychic platforms on the net today, and don’t yet have a massive customer base, which can make it a little hard to find the exact psychic you want when you need to get a reading of some sort. 

About the Company Psychics

The psychics with this company appear to be highly rated by users, and have a good reputation. They don’t provide much information about what type of screenings they go through, or how they weed out the under performing, but they clearly have some type of system in place. It is likely that they use the user-based review system that is built into the site to help ensure the psychics are top notch. Anyone who isn’t consistently getting great reviews from the clients will be removed from the system.

Types of Psychics & Services

Psychic Encounters has fewer psychics working for them than many other platforms today. At this point, they have about 200+ psychics available, though not all of them are online at any given time. The fact that they have fewer total psychics, however, is likely a good thing as it is clear that they don’t just let anyone start offering services. They limit it only to the best. One of the best services from this platform is their live video readings. You can connect to your psychic through their mobile app and interact with them in real time for an immediate, personal reading that is very helpful. They are open 24/7, and as far as we can tell, they always have people online and ready to help. Each psychic will list what type of thing they specialize in, such as love, money, life path, departed loved one, and more. They can really include any personal touches they want on their profile, which can help you to get to know them before you get an actual reading so you know you’ll have a good connection.

One disappointing thing about this service is that they don’t really provide information about how the psychics operate. Unless the psychic includes it in their profile, you won’t know if they use Tarot cards, crystals, clairvoyance, or something else. This is only a concern for people who want a specific type of reading, but it would be a nice feature for them to add in. You can ask the psychics what type of reading they will do so you’ll have this information when making a decision. 


All audio & text based psychic readings are just $.99 per minute. It doesn’t matter which psychic you choose, what type of issue you are facing, you will be charged the same flat rate. This is great since it allows you to get the information you need without having to worry about how much it will cost. Compared to other services that have different prices for each psychic, or an introductory price for the first few minutes but then it jumps up after that, this is a much better way to charge. If you want to get a live video reading from one of their psychics, it is $2.99 per minute, which is still a great deal. These live video readings are done through their mobile app and will allow for a much more personal interaction, and can even open up opportunities for palm readings and other options that require this type of connection. 

Customer Support

This system is fairly straight forward, and it is unlikely that you are going to run into any significant problems. The first place you will want to go for assistance is their FAQ page, which offers answers to their most commonly asked questions. If you need further help, you will want to use their online contact us form where you can type out your issue and they will get back with you via email within 24 hours. 

Privacy & Discretion

You’ll find a full privacy policy on the Psychic Encounters website, which explains that your personal information will remain confidential. The psychics themselves are independent contractors who offer their services through the Psychic Encounters website, but they do have a good reputation for confidentiality. Those working for this site really seem to understand the importance of keeping what they learn about their clients in the strictest of confidence. 


Psychic Encounters may be a newer service, but they are working hard to make a great name for themselves. Their psychics are all highly rated and have a strong reputation for quality and accuracy, which is exactly what you want in a psychic. Both their website and their mobile app are very easy to use and will provide you with an easy interface to interact with the psychic you choose. This combined with the fact that it is a flat fee of $.99 per minute makes this a great choice for anyone looking for help in their life.