Company Profile

Purple Ocean is a mobile app platform that matches you up with world class psychics. Their app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and will work great on just about any popular device. This service allows you to record yourself asking a question, which is then sent to your psychic advisor. They will watch your video, and then make a video reply that is sent back to you within 24 hours (or even within 1 hour when using their express service). Having the ability to send and receive videos gives the psychics the ability to perform accurate palm readings, show you doing your tarot reading, and much more.

The company is associated with the popular psychic website BitWine, which you can use if you don’t have a smartphone, or simply would rather use a traditional computer interface. In addition, if you prefer a live video reading, the Purple Garden app offers that option as well. The company is highly respected both for their exceptional psychic advisors and their advanced 4.6-star-rated app that makes it easier than ever to get the readings and advice you need.

About the Company Psychics

Purple Ocean is very exclusive in who they allow to work with them as psychic readers. Those who are interested need to apply and have a proven track record in this industry. In addition, all new psychics have to complete a test reading so the team at Purple Ocean can evaluate their service for accuracy, presentation, and other important factors. They have a large list of different advisors to choose from, each of whom will list the different services they provide so you can easily choose someone you fit with best.

Types of Psychics & Services

All of the psychics are listed with a video profile, photo and information about what type of work they do. Most of them will list specific areas such as love, relationships, career, and general psychic advice so you can get exactly what you need. In addition, the advisors typically explain the specific methods they use in your readings including tarot cards, clairvoyance, visions, intuition, palm reading, and more. Once you click on an individual advisor you will get their full biography, which offers a lot of helpful information, so you can get to know the person before you hire them. If an advisor is currently unavailable, you can set up a reminder to be notified as soon as they come back online.


The prices vary based on how long you are willing to wait for an answer. The standard option is a 24-hour delivery time for a 3-minute recorded video, and that will cost $10. If you are in a hurry and want your answer within one hour, it will cost you $15 for the reading. The readings will be delivered to you in video format through the app, so you are getting a good, in-depth answer, and you can revisit it any time to view again. The advisors provide a three-minute answer to your question, which is surprisingly long for the price, and efficient since only the advisor is talking throughout the reading, if you need additional clarification or more answers, you can message the advisor inside your order, or choose to place a follow-up order with the same advisor for just $5, Some advisors also offer live video readings at a per-minute rate for users who are looking for a more interactive experience.

Customer Support

The customer support team is extremely friendly and helpful if you ever have any issues. If your advisor doesn’t get you an answer within the deadline, for example, you can get a refund for your order with just a couple clicks. Their live help team will be happy to work with you on any technical issues you may experience, though their apps are stable and reliable.

Privacy & Discretion

Whenever working with psychic advisors, privacy and discretion is absolutely imperative, and the professionals at Purple Ocean are well-aware of that fact. All the advisors that you work with are committed to keeping your reading and any information they learn about you completely confidential. In addition, the personal information you submit to the app, other than username, gender, and date of birth, is kept from even the advisors so you aren’t at risk of them knowing anything personal about you.


Purple Ocean really sets themselves apart in the online psychic reading and advice industry. They are very affordable and offer a unique service where you can get accurate readings from top psychics in the industry. They have done an exceptional job at designing their mobile app, so it is easier than ever for anyone to get a reading. If you own a smartphone and need to get advice from a psychic advisor, you absolutely won’t find a better option than the professionals at Purple Ocean.